TV-channels included in the monthly fee are part of Comhems analog base service. This means that you won’t need a digital TV-box.

If you want to, you can place an order for more TV-channels. Ordering is done by phone to Comhems customer service at 0771-55 00 00. This is also the number to call if you have problems with the TV-channels.

The channels included are:

NameChannel nameChannel-placeFrequency
SVT1SVT105175.25 MHz
SVT2SVT207189.25 MHz
SVT24SVT2410210.25 MHz
TV3TV311217.25 MHz
TV4TV406182.25 MHz
Sjuan (fd. TV4 Plus)Sjuan (Fd. TV4 Plus)57759.25 MHz
TV4 SportTV4 SportS17273.25 MHz
Kanal 5Kanal 5S11231.25 MHz
TV6TV608196.25 MHz
TV8TV8S14252.25 MHz
Kanal 9Kanal 9S36423.25 MHz
TV FinlandTV FinlandS12238.25 MHz
TV11TV11*S16266.25 MHz
Barnkanalen / KunskapskanalenBarnkanalen /
S13245.25 MHz
Öppna KanalenÖppna Kanalen09203.25 MHz