Spring cleaning the 5th of May

The yearly spring cleaning will take place on the 5th of May. We meet as usual at 10am at Fanö Torg. There will be two containers that can be used to throw trash, one for combustible and on for non-combustible waste. Paint canisters, electronics and car tires cannot be thrown in any of the containers. Refreshments will be served in the gathering hall at Sorögatan 45 from 11:30am.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs have been found in a few apartments within brf Fanö. We have recieved professional help from Nomor to remove these and the situation is now under control. It is important that you contact Nordstaden on 08-587 801 00if you suspect vermin in the apartment. This is part of the property insurance and is therefore free of charge for you. Remember that it is not possible to remove vermin by yourself. More information can be found on www.nomor.se.

Time to change to summer tires soon

The snow is soon gone, and spring is coming, and it will be time to change to summer tires on the cars. The opening hours of the tire storage at Fanö is as follows:

  • 180328 – thursdag – 6pm-8pm
  • 180331 – sundag – 10am-12am
  • 180404 – thursdag – 6pm-8pm
  • 180407 – sundag – 10am-12am

Access to the storage at any other time than mentioned above is possible for a fee of 200 SEK. Please send an e-mail to dack@fano.se to book an appointment or to queue for a space, as the storage is full.

Clean and tidy

We have noticed a positive trend on reduced littering, which is very good! It increases everyone’s well-being when it is nice and tidy in our neighborhood. We are all responsible for keeping Fanö in good condition. By throwing paper and other garbage in the bins, keeping the stairwells and exterior corridors clean, not throwing cigarette butts on the ground and now and then pick up garbage from the ground and throw it in the bin, we can all contribute to a better environment in Fanö.