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Fanös Board is elected by the members of the Fanö condemonium at the general meeting. Being a member of the Board is an paid assignment. The current Board consist of:

Arne Brovig (President)0730-525551
Binas Nisic0761-050545
Jens Backeman
Kristian Rosenqvist
Lars Dahl
Stefan Johansson (HSB-representative)
 Leisure committee
Arne Brovig
Bengt Gustavsson
Gunnel Wasserman
Election committee
Mehri Nahidi
Ilona Talapka
Adiam Gabriel
Peter Andersson (deputy)
Other functions
Stroller and bike


The board meetings are generally held the first monday of each month (except july) in the common room at Sorögatan 45. Issues you want the Board to handle at the meeting should be submitted in written form either in the mailbox or by e-mail. The meetings are not open to the members unless a separate invitiation to an open meeting has been sent. Sometimes the meetings concerns individual residents (who maybe hasn’t paid their fee or have had complaints against them). For this reason the meeting protocols are not available for the public . Fanös boardmembers are betwen the meetings working with Fanös economy, agreements, information and technical management (among other things). All boardmembers have a duty of secrecy.

General meeting

Once every year we have a general meeting for all residents at Fanö. Motions for the meeting shall be submitted by february 28th..

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