Laundry rooms

Our association has two laundry rooms, at Sorögatan 57 and 93. These can be used by all residents in the association and can be booked via the booking boards or via this link:


Rules for the laundry rooms

  • Follow the booked laundry times. You are not allowed to removes someone elses clothes from the machines during ongoing laundry. Drying may be continued up to 30 minutes after the laundry time is up.
  • Use machine #3 for mats and such, as this is a heavy-duty laundry machine.
  • Shoes and other inappropriate things may not be laundred in the machines. Underwire bras must be enclosed in a laundry bag.
  • It is forbidden to colour or bleach clothes in the machines.
  • You must clean up after your laundry is done. Wipe the machines you’ve used, clean the detergent and softener trays. Clean the dryers filter. Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Show your neighbours consideration and leave the laundry rooms in the condition you want it to be when you arrive.

Some things to think about

  • If you have booked a laundry time but know that you will not use it. Please cancel the booking so that someone else may use it.
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late to your laundry time, the time is forfeited and someone else may use it.
  • The power to the machines cuts off at 10pm. Remove your clothes before this.
  • Report all faults on the machines and other equipment to Nordstaden, telephone 08-32 40 60, e-mail Also, put a message on the affected machine so that future washers know about it.

Water left in the detergent and softener trays

If the emptying pipes are not cleaned regularly the detergent and softener residue will stop the flow which may prevent the clothes from getting cleaned. Even if you do not use liquid detergent or softener the water will still pass through these trays and the result of the laundry may be effected negatively.