Cigarette buds and smoking

It is prohibited to smoke around our entrances and inside our common areas. Throw the cigarette buds, dog poop and trash in a trashcan or a garbage chute. Don’t throw them on the ground. This littering only costs the members and those who live here money in the end because of sanitation costs.

Electrical waste

A kindly reminder that the electrical waste shed is only for small electric apparatus. It is not allowed to throw bigger electric apparatus such as stove, TV, fridge etc. there. You have to bring them to a recycling center.

No disturbing sounds after 10 pm

It should be quiet at night between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am. During this time disturbing
sound such as music on high volumes should not be played. This is to not disturb the
neighbors that are sleeping.

Clean and tidy

We have noticed a positive trend on reduced littering, which is very good! It increases everyone’s well-being when it is nice and tidy in our neighborhood. We are all responsible for keeping Fanö in good condition. By throwing paper and other garbage in the bins, keeping the stairwells and exterior corridors clean, not throwing cigarette butts on the ground and now and then pick up garbage from the ground and throw it in the bin, we can all contribute to a better environment in Fanö.

Stairwells and exterior corridors should be clean

Stairwells and exterior corridors should be kept clean. Trash, cartons and similar things must not be stord in the stairwells or in the exterior corridors. This is a requirement from the fire department as they, with suck a placement, pose a safety risk. There are designated rooms for storage of strollers’ and bicycles. Keys to these rooms can be obtained by paying a deposit. Please contact if you want a key.

Vermin in the apartments

Bed bugs have been found in a few apartments within brf Fanö, be attentive of whether you see signs of bed bugs. If you suspect vermin in the apartment, its is extremly important to contact Nomor directly at 0771-122 300. This is part of the property insurance and is therefore free of charge for you. Remember this it is not possible to remove vermin by yourself. More information can be found on